Crysis Hud! (Quick Suit Menu)

[release]Hello, hereby I’m releasing something I’ve been working on this week. It’s basically the Quick Suit Menu found in Crysis, remade in Gmod. I made the mistake of calling the addon Crysis Hud, because it’s only the menu for now. Anyways, here’s a list of features:
[li]5 changeable slots[/li][li]Eye candy, everything moves very smoothly in the menu[/li][li]Has cute sounds (I couldn’t find the sounds from Crysis so I made my own ones)[/li][li]Can bind it to any key[/li][/ul]
Here’s an old video, showing how it works. (has no menu sounds)

And some screenshots. (click to enlarge)
You can change the slots at will.
Or you can just make them all the same.


Just place the crysishud folder in your** garrysmod/addons** folder and everything will be good. However, you still need to set up a few things.

1. Bind a key to +crysishud to be able to open the menu. Open the console and type:

bind mouse3 +crysishud

This will make you open the menu when you hold down your scroll wheel. You can change it to another key if you want, but just use this for now.
**2. **You’re done! If you want to change the weapons in the menu, use the crysishud_slots command. First type in crysishud_slots, then type in 5 weapons you’d like to see in the slots. Example:
crysishud_slots RPG SLAM Shotgun SMG Crowbar
This will fill the menu with a RPG, SLAM, Shotgun, Smg and a crowbar. A list of weapon names:

"Crowbar", "GravityGun", "PhysicsGun", "Pistol", "Revolver", "SMG", "AR2", "Shotgun", "Crossbow", "Grenade", "RPG", "Stunstick", "SLAM"

Other Console Commands:

  • crysishud_enabletransitions: set to 0 to disable the smooth transitions when opening/closing the menu and selecting slots. Recommended to put this at 1 for orgasmic purposes, but if you want everything to go instantly put it at 0.
  • crysishud_enablesounds: set to 0 to disable all the sounds the menu produces.

Credits: Crytek for making Crysis, the rest all made by me.[/release]
Enjoy! Don’t forget to rate, comment, whatever. (I still have a feeling I forgot something)

I have the sound files for to use. If you would like, I can even provide the sounds for the individual enhancements such as strength, speed, cloak, and armor.

The files includes are for when the quick menu appears and disappears. Cheers, mate.

Yay, original sounds!
Maximum JOB! i have liked-it!

Gave you an artistic, this looks great. Is there anyway to use the Tool Gun or specific STools in the slots? That’d be a huge time saver to be able to swap between easy precision, remover, etc in a snap like that. It’s been flamed to hell and back, however, and if you read, it was going to have more functionality than this one.

Thanks, but I’m going to need hover, select and error (when you don’t have the weapon) sounds too, I can’t have a mix between Crysis sounds and custom sounds because that’d sound weird.

Like it but try to add support for more tools/whatever like the radial menu does…

That may breaks its style but still nice.

I can’t add more than 5 options since I’d need to change the texture for the slots then.

It’s not practical, nor aesthetic, either.

Dang I’ve been waiting for this (I’m on my IPhone, damn)

Nice work

This is pretty nice, but unfortunately it serves limited use due to the fact that most of the online Gmod community uses CS:S. A handy way of going to the gravity/physics gun (since most people bind so much shit on their keys that they probably don’t have binds for the actual G/P-guns), but the only other weapon you’re probably going to get your hands on for this thing is a crowbar, online atleast.

Did u read it all?

crysishud_slots RPG SLAM Shotgun SMG Crowbar

U can change it, like this:

crysishud_slots Crowbar Physgun Gravitygun Pistol Toolgun 

Did you read what I said? This uses Half Life 2 weapons - the only non-HL2 you can set is the Toolgun and Physgun. I was saying that with how much of the online Gmod community uses Counter-Strike: Source, the HL2 weapons are hardly used much.

You should make it possible to have 5 different tools in the 5 spots, or maybe even make it possible to have sub menus :slight_smile:


Almost everyone I know use the HL2 weapons and not the CSS weapons…

I guess i can mod this to take custom weps, should be easy as hell. “Metaphor YES!”


Great work! It’s very pretty.

And you are going to make custom slot images for all of them to?

Times 5 because you could place them in any of the 5 slots.

You should add a way to save and load layouts, and the last used layout will be the default one loaded when you join a game.