Crysis Nano Suit

SVN Repository:

Create a folder in addons called Zoeys Crysis Suit

Checkout using:

SVN Notes:

Crysis Suit Sub-Version 1

Added voice and menu sounds.
Added 2 new CL convars:

SuitSound_Voices 0-1 – Play the voices when changing suit options?
SuitSound_Menu 0-1 – Play the menu open and close sound?

Crysis Suit Sub-Version 2

Added Vision Aid/Night Vision to the suit menu.
Added Binoculars.
Added 3 New C_Convars,

SuitSound_Zoom 0-1 – Play binocular sounds?
SuitSound_VAid 0-1 – Play night vision sounds?
Suit_VAidLight AMOUNT – How big should the light be in night vision?

Changed suit names to numbers in coding. “Performance Friendly”
Changed suit recharge var. “Recharges a little slower”
Fixed up suit Speed, If you run out of speed you will goto your normal run+speed set, You can sprint again once you get energy.

Crysis Suit Sub-Version 2.1

Added suit icons.
Made the suit recharging look a little more smoother.
Added 3 new c_convars.

Suit_Icons 0-1 – Show suit icons?
Suit_BarX – Negative numbers push the bar left, Positive push the bar right.
Suit_BarY – Negative numbers push the bar up, positive push the bar down.

Crysis Suit Sub-Version 2.2:

Increased Max Sprint Speed for Speed mode.
Changed the cloak effect to a better mat.

Crysis Suit Sub-Version 2.3:

Made cloak more efficient.

Added suit shortcuts like in crysis.

Double tap jump = Strength
Double tap sprint = Speed
Double tap back = armor
Double tap crouch = cloak

Added 2 new C_Convars.

Suit_Shortcuts 0-1 – Enable Shortcuts like the double tap?
Suit_ShortcutsDelay NUM – How long is the delay between taps? Smaller number = Faster Tap, Lower number = Slower Tap.

Removed the menus Zoom in and out keys.
Moved binoculars zoom in and out keys to primary and secondary fire.

Crysis Suit Sub-Version 3

Fixed shortcut strength jump doing 2X the noise and taking 2X the energy if you hit jump RIGHT after you use the shortcut.
Fixed being able to shortcut to other suit powers INSTANTLY, Theres now a 1 second cool down for shortcuts.
Added another style of energy bar, Suit_HudStyle 1-2.

Crysis Suit Sub-Version 2.5

Made Vision Aid and Binoculars have suit shortcuts.

Suit Zoom = Binoc toggle.
Use + Flashlight = Vision Aid toggle.

Added 2 new C_Convars,

Suit_VAidShortcut 0-1 – Should the vision aid shortcut work?
Suit_BinocShortcut 0-1 – Should the binoc shortcut work?

Reduced speed drain.
Reduced armor drain from players and increased it from npcs.
Increased strength jump power.
Added armor sparks and sound for when it blocks bullets from damaging you.

Oh god… ANOTHER NANO SUIT?! Yes… but this one isnt made by a 12 year old.

Something my friend asked me about, I was looking around and found that all the other mods for this where not so good.

So i made my own.

Basically its like the nano suit in crysis.


+suitmenu – Bind this to a key and hold it to bring up the menu, left go to turn it off.
Suitmenu – Bind this to a key and press it to TOGGLE the menu, hit it again to turn it off.

Admin Commands:

NanoSuits 0-1 – Can players use the nano suits?

Main Assets:

Armor – Take no damage until your suit energy is out.
Speed – Move faster than your standard rate, and super fast when you sprint.
Strength – Jump high and do extra damage with melee weapons.
Cloak – Invisibility.


Video (This video is of the suit in production, it will be a little diffrent in game):

Hope you enjoy.


Q: Whats that weapon in the screen shot? is it from atoms MW2 redux pack?

A: I wouldnt download such a thing… Plus its not “FROM” that, its from FPS BANANA, Uploaded by ImBrokeRU.

Does cloak really work like in the video,by turning on notarget?

Whaw this is fucking awesome!

Awesome job Zoey. Thanks for making it.


Another thread by Zoey what a shock. Nice work on this. I love it!

Have you released the rolling after falling?


Ide rather use that than make a shit load of MAKE NPCS FRIENDLY hooks.

'Bout time you started using SVN.

Why doesn’t my weapon look invisible like in the video? Was that something that got really buggy and was taken away? Or do i have a conflicting addon? I do have some cloaking stuff from TF2.

Cloak texture was changed in SV 2.2, Although, if you any client side mods that screw with v_model textures then that might be canceling this out.

A very good mod, you’ve done it again. :smiley:

Username and Password for SVN pwease :slight_smile:

the fuck


SAnks you wery much!

Quit necroing zoeys things.