Crysis Nanosuit script

I’m requesting a script, not a swep(I know it’s a script too, but you know what I mean.), that could toggle between the different modes of the Nanosuit from Crysis.

Speed- Running faster, and if it’s possible; reload weapons faster.

Strength- Higher jumping, deal 2x damage if possible, and faster health regen.

Armor- Take 1/2 damage, 100 suit power which regenerates and high resistance(1/3 from regular damage?) to fall damage.

Cloak- Guess what, sherley.

They aren’t exactly like they are in Crysis, but that’s just my prefs, do it as you wish(If you are doing it, that is.).

I would like it to be like the ragmod, where you could bind, maybe, mouse3 to switch between modes, or an overlay comes up, and you get to click which one you want to select the mode.

Could it be done? :3

Oh, and if you want the sounds, there’s a nanosuit swep on good enough, soz), and it has the sounds in the pack. Just search for Nano on .org.

Hope I didn’t ask for too much, lol =P

This was done in Infected wars, it would be nice to see someone take the code from infected wars and put it in snadbox, so you can have the infected wars suit in sandbox.


Heh yeah, Infected wars was still an awesome gamemode, the speed thing was possible, but garrys update kinda bugged my way of speeding up the player.