Crysis : Ostfront 1944

Okay : my second one on Facepunch!

The opposing front =P

The german helmet from DoD is really ugly, I’m looking for HQ helmet.

Is this supposed to be funny?

That’s a good one, but I already told you the flaws I noticed. :wink:

Nice posing and nice angle.

Good question, I made that being serious, wanted to build Über-soldier scene.

But, it may be funny because of the anachronism! :slight_smile:

That an MG42 behind the one with the MP40?
I like the muzzleflash.
Bullet casings are also nice.

Ya, Maschinengewehr42, Only a soldier with a nanosuit can use this while standing! >:D

Those venom trooper models would have fit really nicely here.

Are you supposed to be funny?

This looks great for a second pose. Nice work!


Tks, but it isn’t my 2nd pose, it the 2nd pose I post on facepunch! ^^

I have lots of over pose, and I’ll post the best of them, this week :wink:


Cyber Nazis are all the rage.

You have much potential. Artistic.

I kinda lol’d.

The Allied are so screwed now.

I kinda like the idea of having fresh talent :buddy:
Try playing around with Gimp or any other editing program and keep it up .

These guys could be in Wolfenstein.

I suck at editing =d

its cool and it looks weird how futuristic soldier in old battlefield (lucky not like darkest of days the worst game out there)