Crysis soldier patrolling at night

Why would he be on a patrol without a gun?

Nice, although a bit empty, have an artistic.

Love the athmosphere.

Awesome, was the map night time already or did you make it night?

Nice, he could have a pistol in his webbing somewhere guys.

Nice light. Builds the atmosphere.

Great atmosphere.

Night time map.

When was this exactly?

That doesn’t even make sense.

Link Please?

You know what’s the only thing making this picture remotely interesting? The HD model. If this was done with anything else you probably couldn’t pull it off.

Most Agreed with actually, it’s a nice map but the model makes the picture work.

The model isn’t even pretty. It doesn’t even have faceposing. I’m not asking you to like it neither to comment, you saying me not being able to pull it off makes just as much sense as the picture. You don’t know what I would have done if the model wasn’t “HD”.

It’s called rp_salvation, search for it yourself.

rp_salvation night, i think.

That’s right

Upper body is perfect, lower is not so good. Fix the legs or add a bush.

Nice atmosphere, but this isn’t your usual standard Bodenlan.

Nice, but he needs a gun.

Your picture is boring and uninspiring. You were so lazy with it that you didn’t even bother to give him a weapon. The least you could have done was do that so that you could bullshit us with “effort”. But even then you got some issues with the legs, he’s not even walking right.

So, judging by the poor effort done to make the meat of the picture (aka the posing) actually interesting, I’m going to take a guess that you focused more on the editing as if that’s considered important. Pro tip: Posing first, editing second. If you’re gonna rely on your editing to “wow” the general masses here (which nowadays is a lot easier considering actual competition is nonexistent and most newer users don’t know any better) at least draw us in with something happening in the picture first.

That’s my C&C, you asked for it the moment you clicked “New Thread”. Take it or leave it-whatever gives you that false sense of satisfaction.