Crysis Suit Mod


Interesting, I’ll test it out and see what I say.

Can you remove my player model? I didn’t say people were free to upload it in a pack

Just upload one without it and post a link to my player, I’m fine with that

function Specialmat(ply) -- lolololololol
concommand.Add("Uber_secret_command", Specialmat) 


doing it now

EDIT: Updated, Requires you to download Holmess’s (Jasons) Playermodel separately
Crysis suit mod:

player model:

Thank you

Yeah, I don’t know what your talking about at all.

Does this actually cloak and make you “invisible”?

Yeah, 1st person view model doesn’t cloak but that doesn’t matter…The only thing that doesn’t turn Invis is the weapons…because I’m still working on doing 3d2d for it


If it didn’t cloak then it wouldn’t be called cloak suit now would it :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you make it so that npcs cant see you.
Because npcs begin shooting me still.

Believe me, I tried…The only thing I can think of to do is to use notarget 1, but that requires sv_cheats to be on…I’m trying to find an alternative. Also, Thanks to iRzilla I now can make the weapon invis, so there will be more use to the cloaking suit. might help…

See, when I look up NoTarget and SetNoTarget on the gmod wiki nothing comes up for me :expressionless:

/cry…Well I’m going to update it again I guess lol

Seems you’ve done it anyways, thx.

yep, and sv_cheats 1 isnt required thanks to Leiftiger

how do power mode works , I didnt find any differences .

Found , what does it do . Damn world models of weapons are still visible

Yeah thats because I removed it making player with id 1’s weapons invis, so it tries to get the player that did the command…Your weapons will still turn invis world and view on most weapons, I’ve found that alot of weapon packs ( Kermites especially ) the weapons won’t turn invis for some reason :\ … oh and your weapons will go out of invis if you change them…I have yet to fix that…And I don’t know what you mean by power mode but I’m assuming you mean Maximum Strength, it makes you jump higher and it gives you a little more armor…Next version I’ll make it so it negates all fall damage

This addon is really fun to play with . But I think that in Maximum Strength you must do something more then just jumping high . Also is it possible to make a swep , which grabs npc like in crysis

If I do make a swep for grabbing it will be for grabbing players/props and it will not be released and only be part of the gamemode for it.
As for the strength only making you jump high, all that the strength suit does in crysis is make is so you punch hard, can throw shit far, and jump high…2 of those would have to be done with sweps and at this point I’m still balancing the suits out more.