Crysis Suit(s)

Well for some reason I just started playing Crysis Warhead again and got bored after 5 minutes so long story short I found crysis suit player models…I’ve been trying to think of a way to cycle through the 4 suit modes (Which I have already made)…At First I though making them into 1 Swep, but doing that would eliminate the possibility to actually shoot someone. So I was wondering would it be possible to make the suit modes shared and activated with different commands for each suit that would be client (I’d Probably make a menu for it later)…And can this be done without having it done for just a specific gamemode?..I kind of need some guidance here because I’ve never done anything past pure client files and gamemodes.

function SuitMenuEnable()

gui.EnableScreenClicker( true )
-- Show the menu here

hook.Add( “OnContextMenuOpen”, “SuitMenuEnable”, SuitMenuEnable )

function SuitMenuDisable()

gui.EnableScreenClicker( false )
-- Hide the menu here

hook.Add( “OnContextMenuClose”, “SuitMenuDiesable”, SuitMenuDisable )

I feel like a noob once more for asking this but…If I want it to work for every gamemode then where exactly would I put it?

Any script you place in lua/autorun/ will automatically be executed. If it is a clientside script you have to send it to the client explicitly.

I figured it out through trial and error, but thanks anyways :slight_smile: