Crysis USMC playermodel

Hello whoever bothers to read. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have the crysis USMC headhacked ragdolls as playermodels? To my knowledge,
they need to be rigged, which is something I can’t do. Link to the ragdoll:

Also, another thing that might help. There was also NPC version released. Doesn’t NPC require riggin’ aswell?

Please, I’d appreciate the maker of playermodel with the power of over 9000 internets.

Please… someone has to be able to do this for me… ;_;
I’m just a helpless newbie, who is not capable of doing anything like this.
I’ll reward the one that helps me with e-cookie. Now how does that sound?

Wow, did you not notice the request section?

No, I did not. Can you point me into the right direction?

Bottom of the section this is you will see a box it says model skin requests and realease go to request.

They shoulda left the link at the top of the page not bottom…

^ gotta agree…

Nice moderator was nice, and tolerated my newfagness. Now, is anyone here able to help me
with this issue? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’d be intrested in this :stuck_out_tongue:

ddok1994 ported them and will release them soon.

You mean like… Ported them from Crysis, or ported them from Ragdoll into Playermodel succsfully?