Could anyone make a clear glass(unbreakable) pentakis dodecahedron, about 2 inches high, with one side cut away to use as a base so it can sit.


You can see the base on the right.

One sitting on its base.

With the base on the bottom you can notice a point at the top which is only slightly different to the points all around the circumference.

One sitting on its side with an inscription, others in the background.

Showing the difference between the top point and the other points.

Well, I guess I could make it and texture it, but I would need help with the compiling. I never managed to compile a model into source engine yet. Damn .qc files.

I’m not very Good with .qc either, but I can get it done for you if you can send me the .Smd’s

There’s a tutorial on writing a basic QC file for a simple prop such as this. Might as well try and learn it now so you don’t need help down the road. :slight_smile:

PS: I tried figuring out how I could create this damn thing in Max but the best I can do is a standard dodecahedron, I can’t find any tutorials on how to accurately make a pentakis dodecahedron.

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Wait a minute I think the Geosphere primitive is the correct shape…

I was hoping to see something like the crystals from Xen.

Sorta of like these:

Those would be nice too, maybe you should make a request thread if you really some remakes.