Crytek Power Rangers

Image is big.

So Kawaii :smiley:

Mark this as swagallicious plz. lol. Maximum POWER!!!

Joke aside, who is interested in the final release?

Jesus fucking christ.

I’m just assuming you posted this in the wrong section.

battlefield 3 power rangers are better

the yellow and pink ones should be female.

I was wondering if anyone was interested, so :stuck_out_tongue: By the way, they aren’t just colored by light, but are actual retexed :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Well, I give up on humanity. Again. :suicide:

Fuck this generation of kids, seriously.

How did you even post it in this section.

Lol. Funny how people try to make themselves look good by posting the same generic crap over the internet. This is obviously a joke, seems that you give up on humanity pretty easily. Typical low self-esteemed kids. haha.

Those who hide in the shadows that spend their days marking posts dumb know they, themselves truly are.

This was actually an attempt to recreate the modes in textures, but in a more exaggerated version. As you can see, Maximum strength, speed, armor, and green. I just like that color. And then I realized power rangers who be a good way to piss the wanna be mature kids off. And it seemed that it worked :smiley:

Funny Kuro, as power rangers was quite the generation prior to this one. Power rangers was probably first released long before you were born.

Although, I am proud because I’m being productive and not just asking for help around here or spending my day marking posts dumb.

Wanna talk about generation? Here’s a generic expression just for ya’ll =D

Be original, people.

For those who are asking why I posted in this section. ATTENTION: If ya’ll can put on your glasses really quick.

This is a modeling section, and you see the thread’s icon? It’s “NEWS”, google news if you don’t know what that is. But I was planning to release this or if anyone was interested in making a Crysis machinima. Jesus christ, learn to read. Seriously.

(User was banned for this post ("facepalm shit" - postal))

please stop please

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  1. No your just stupid
    like your the one to talk lol

  2. putting coloured lights on badly posed sfm stuff isnt good

  3. no your not
    you butt

  4. youd be surprised how original people are more than you.

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no he meant to post it here

You could’ve just waited until they were finished.

We have a thread for these things you know.

take a chill pill

Dang, it’s a gold member. They aren’t exactly posed.

You a butt, a cute butt. Look at your icon. Too kawaii

So anyone who posts stuff not in the current is trolling. okay.

@Aaaron: the only sane comment lol. You mean I finish? These are finished, but was wondering if the “community” wanted a taste of my hook :smiley:

you’ll have a taste of my left hook real soon m8
ill dek u

On a serious note, these looks nothing like Power Rangers to me…

Even if they were some kinda CRYSIS version of Power Rangers, I could just never wrap my mind around these supposedly being some kinda power rangers

Yo, don’t be ghetto. We’re businessmen. TAste my middle hook breh.

They’re nanosuit versions and I just said power rangers to get some views. But dude, nanosuits would kick power rangers ass anyday. And with their silly acting backk then . lol. I just thought green looked good on the suit. Not much besides that.

your a butt

We’re both butts, I’m a grown butt. You’re a cute butt. K? Oh well, I’ll released this on garrysmod and see tomorrow.

i hate everyone

who dat Q T PIE in your profile pic?

Why are you here?

Dude, you gotta read drorkar, I just named it power rangers as a joke. Read my other posts. Without the lighting, they actually resemble the suit modes even more. I’ll upload that soon enough :slight_smile: