cs base swep looks reversed?

I am new to creating sweps, and I tried to create a .357 (default model) on the CS base. I used the ironsights designer to make iron sights. everything works perfectly. Except that it appears reversed, so It looks left handed. Is there a code to put into the lua to fix this problem?

1 this should be in the help section but in order to fix it look through the shared.lua and find the modelflip line of code. if you can’t find it insert this in under the line of code that tells what models its using: “SWEP.ViewModelFlip = true/false” (if its a css model use true, if its a half life 2 model use false.) dont use the quotation marks.

Thanks I will be sure to do that when I get my computer back

I’m pretty sure the Model flip code is not in your swep itself, but in cs base. I think its best to extract the cs base folder with GCFScape and changing that code and renaming the base from cs_base to cs_l_base

…no fpmankills…no

if u use cs_base as your swep base, you can set it in your swep

I’m not dumb, I’m just stating my opinion. I made a few sweps on the cs base and they appeared in the left hand so I made a copy of the cs_base with the code changed so I wouldn’t have to put the code into the swep itself. It saved time, for all I had to do was change the base from cs_base to cs_l_base.

thats more of a waste of time

hes writing the swep anyway

so its 1 line of code instead of 1 new file

But you don’t rewrite the code every time you make a swep that shows up in your left hand.