Now as most of you know (that play any CS game) is that hitboxes are weird. In a post from when CS:GO was in beta, it was stated that CS:GO’s player models had hitboxes that are smaller and more like the actual model than in CS:S. So what I was wondering is that would changing the models from CS:S models to CS:GO models make a difference in a game of TTT. I also know that you cannot use CS:GO models because the game is not mounted, but could you grab them from the .vpk from the game and use them?


  1. How does garrys mod work with hitboxes?
  2. Would using CS:GO models make a difference in game play because of hitboxes?
  3. Since you can’t mount the game can you just put them in your models folder?
  4. If you can, would it be legal?

From my experience, the hit boxes are still the same no matter how different the model is.

  1. Pretty sure hitboxes are engine coded for players. Other props have their own collision.
  2. Probably not.
  3. You could, and force people to download content for no good reason.
  4. Mounting is the only legal way, it ensures the content is owned. Ripping is bad, mmmkay?

I know that ripping the models wasn’t a good idea, but I figured I would ask. Since garry is making us pay for a mod anyways ;D

@kidkiller745 the hitboxes between CSS and CSGO are different though as shown in the post below :stuck_out_tongue: