CS:GO animations bugged in Garry's Mod

I don’t know if this is the correct subforum to ask this, but I’m developing a CS:GO NPC in Garry’s Mod and I came across an issue. I decompiled the CS:GO animations and found an ACT_RUN activity in it. I set it so whenever the CS:GO NPC runs, it uses the ACT_RUN activity. The issue is the NPC moves his legs but the entire upper body is in a T-Pose. Am I using the wrong activity or something?


Are video codes broken or something?

Shameless bump, but I think I found the problem. MDLCache reports “MDLCache: player/ct_animations.mdl need to be recompiled”. Is this something I can fix or is it up to Garry?

Hmm, im not sure, I think that could only go into CS:GO, unless you can find a way to put it into the model (I Think…)

This is a warning that can usually be safely ignored