[CS:GO] ar_cinema


While I love the official support for gun game in CS:GO, I’m a bit disappointed with only two maps for it. And on top of that, they are both symmetrical. Symmetry is just lazy map design in my opinion. So instead of complaining about it on the Steam User Forums or something counter-productive like that, I made my own arsenal map. I wanted it to really stand apart from other CS:GO maps, so it’s very colorful and mainly takes place indoors. Each section of the map was made to be unique and recognizable to make the map easy to navigate and remember.

Anyway, this is just a ‘prerelease’ I guess. It’s not the final version. I’m releasing it now mainly to catch small errors and whatnot before CS:GO goes public. I’ve still got a couple of things to add or tweak, but I just can’t get myself to keep working on it without getting some community feedback.


**DISCLAIMER: This map has nothing to do with the recent movie theater shooting in Colorado. **It was first designed over a year and a half ago and I’ve been working on the actual map off and on since April.

Credit to Firegod522 for the amazing night skybox. Shamelessly stolen because I tried making one and it looked terrible. Also, I’m sorry for running DXT1 compression on it, that won’t happen with the full release.

To run the map, you have to start a game on one of the other arsenal maps and switch to ar_cinema in the dev console. I could’ve added it to gamemodes.txt to make it accessible through the main menu, but that tends to be overwritten whenever they update the game and makes it incompatible with other custom maps that use the same tactic.


  • more mirrors coming soon

Nice. I really like it.
Can you use player clips to smooth out the stairs inside the screening room? It’s really bumpy going up them.

Good looking map.

Anyway, i might try it sometime soon.

Nice. Did the movie seats come with CS:GO or are they custom too?

Will do for final release!

They’re custom models.

Oh goody my skybox. The map looks great!

That looks great, man.

I’d suggest you change the lightmaps or whatever on the walls for the final release, make some sharper shadows.

I like the movie reel, I’ve been inside projector rooms at theaters and I can appreciate the detail you put in there.

I’m sure symmetry in AR/GG maps is for a reason, which is that each team should have equal possibilities for tactics and so that the winning is dependant on skill and not that one team has upper hand (level layout wise) and could choke other team easily on some spot. If AR/GG mode would have sides swapped in the middle of the match (like, after one team wins or some other condition), then asymmetrical layout is more than welcome for the gamemode. If however, you had both teams randomly spawning anywhere in the map, it could even the odds where one team has advantage over another, but it could turn the map to just rather brainless deathmatch arena where you don’t really have concrete direction where enemy is coming from, as they could appear behind any corner.

What comes to map… It’s really a nice looking thing you got there. I’m totally liking the color you have, which generally CS:GO is missing. Huge plus for the custom props too. Definitely going to check this one out! :slight_smile:

As modaaja91 said, GG maps are usually symmetrical for balance. Thing is, with symmetry in team-based maps in games generally:

Symmetry = easily balanced, but often more predictable gameplay


Asymmetry = harder to balance, but if done right, much more interesting in terms of gameplay

This map looks like it’ll be very fun to play, indeed!

Look great :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m offended.

Mostly because me and a friend were doing a cinema map. Oh well we can change its visuals.

But yeah nice map. It just seems to flow right.

There’s no reason not to make a second one, my friend!