[CS:GO] Capture the Flag gameplay prefab

I’ve finally gotten around to release this as an easy to use prefab after the enthusiasm my FacingWorlds map received. This prefab will make it very easy for mappers to make their map work with the capture the flag gameplay.

This gamemode is written in Vscript. If the matter is too complex I suggest you do not try to modify it and use it as shown in my Facing Worlds example map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=204941615 .

There’s quite a few options you can alter in the Vscript such as:

  • Using the scoreboard (func_brush) or not
  • Giving players/teams money per flag capture
  • The range in which the flag can be returned
  • The time after which a dropped flag is automatically returned etc.

The more knowledge you have of programming, the more you can do. I basically wrote 95% of the gameplay in a single weekend, don’t blame me if the code isn’t neat enough :slight_smile:

Grab it here: