[CS:GO] Castle

National heritage is at risk as the terrorists try to destroy this historical castle built inside a cave mouth.

Here it is, my first Counter Strike map. Spent my last 5 months or so working on this and tried to make it as good as possible. I think the gameplay is still to improve, so I would like to hear some feedback. Anyway, I hope you like the map.

Workshop link

That looks outstanding! Will definately try it out now I have cs go.

There are some seriously talented people here.

Holy balls

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I get a Thief/Alan Wake vibe from that

Can you post a shot of the layout please?

I love the lighting in this.


I’d played a match with bots and for a casual match or compeitive, night in this map may not be in favor.
At B you can’t see trs coming through the river, since its too dark. (It’s seems brighter in the overview but it’s not)

Darkness can be a challenge to spot, but you have to take the advantange to use CSGO engine, the dynamic shadows.

Use a DAWN atmosphere in this map, can fit perfectly, orange sun shining at the ct spawn making the map brighter and more fit for combats.
Indoor lighting is well but uou can use some color besides white. What about torches or something ?

I noticed in the cave path some kind of awning with a white cover, but it’s semi transparent here.

Your map in a short phrase: Use CSGO Shadows !

The screenshots don’t look that dark to me. Turn your brightness up.

Holy smokes. This map looks amazing.

I remember seeing a castle just like this in a “Rick Steve’s Europe” episode…

EDIT: Got it. Predjama Castle, in Karst region of Slovenia. The castle shows up at 1:26

Also, the sooner Garry gets around to making CS:GO content useable in Gmod, the better, all these maps are outstanding!

Oh that guy is right though, you should use CSGO shadows because they’re nice

I figured it would be too dark, does this look any better:

And I do use the new dynamic shadows, but these lighting conditions and lightmap shadows from the tree branches might not be the best. I guess I’ll play around with it more.

Fantastic map!
Never thought I would ever play a CS match in Predjamski grad :v:.

It’s a nice map, I loved how organic it is, just for a test, make a day version of this, compile and post here, I think it will change the look of the map, remaining beautiful and easy to play.

Well done man, this looks great! Love the organic layout, excited to try it out.

I hope you don’t mind I’d decompiled your map.

In my opinion, night version should be for other gamemodes.

But look at this, I made a quick compile using day light, and hm forgot to change the sky:

http://i.imgur.com/AUzGGID.jpg[/t] [t]http://i.imgur.com/AFChPBS.jpg[/t]

[t]http://i.imgur.com/xZ6jB6q.jpg[/t] [t]http://i.imgur.com/cAz8otz.jpg

The atmosphere is a lot better at night. It’s probably just your monitor settings that stop you from seeing people. Daytime looks a lot worse.

The map looks gorgeous, I love it. And at a glance the layout looks promising.

The darkness/fog is a problem though, a map this dark won’t see serious play. The color pallet is mostly dark gray, and player models blend into that way too easily.

I don’t think you need to sacrifice the nighttime setting, but more lamps, lanterns, and other artificial lights can help a lot. A useful technique is lighting up walls at far ends of high-traffic areas to make player silhouettes easier to see. Adding more lights might make the map look better too.

edit: not to bemoan the visibility issue, but this is how serious it is. Here I am sniping down the river:
Looking directly at an enemy:

That fog/visiblity makes the gameplay more interesting :v:

Not for Counter-Strike.