[CS:GO] coop_headquarters

I made an objective based wave defense Co-op Strike map featuring player reviving and a class system.
Play with 3 or more players for the best experience!

If you suicide while downed, you’ll break your game.

Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1093132564


cs_agency - models and textures
de_investment - models and textures
de_season - models and textures
de_resort - models and textures
TopHattWaffle’s Real World Textures
TopHattWaffle’s Real World Textures 2

LimboNick - inspiration for the timed interaction script

Left 4 Dead - 3d skybox
Payday 2 - cop megaphone voicelines, hack sound effect, saw beep sound effect
TF2 - saw sound
Dirty Bomb - Commander voicelines

CSGO John Madden - CEO voicelines
The_Dretz - helicopter pilot voicelines

How the flip do you make a great looking map and forget to turn on anti-aliasing when taking screenshots?

Oh wow, I’m surprised I forgot! Gonna fix that right now.