[CS:GO -> CS:S] Map Porting (problem with textures)


I want to port map from cs:go to cs:s. Map i ported but i have problem with default textures which missing in cs: source. Where i can to find default textures cs:go? Help me, please! Thanks.

and open up the vpk inside of csgo

You’ll also have to make sure you convert any vtf version 7.5 textures you want to use from csgo into vtf version 7.4 that css can read.

Hm… i cannot extract files from .vpk files. I dont look files on array. Only “root” folder… What is?

open pak01_dir.vpk then click on the + if theres no folders showing under root

Where + ?

hmm strange what version of gcfscape you got
this how it looks in mine

i have version 1.8.3

Have fun with converting ^^, I have tried to port the “de_safehouse” from csgo to DOD and yes it worked but it wasnt easy you had to edit and resave many files

Here a sceenshot from safehouse in dod (Still buggy)

Some tools ive used:
GCFScape 1.8.5 (2 extract the models and materials)
VTFEdit 1.2.5 (2 resave the material files so that older engines versions can handle the texture)
VTFEdit 1.3.3 (2 open the higher source engine textures)
EP2&DOD Hammer editor (2 Compile etc)
(Use the custom folder if you extract the models and materials)

I use paint.net with the .vtf plugin you just open the csgo vtf then save as and change the vtf version when you do it cs.go is version 7.5 and CSS + DOD is /7.4

or you could use vtfver

it just can crash at 200,000 materials.