(CS:Go) cs_intrusion

Game Types: Classic (hostage rescue), Deathmatch

Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=202938336


This is my new map. It is the day version of cs_nightly.

T’s and CT’s encounter each other fast. There is no much time to think about what do you want to do. You have to make fast decisions.

13.12.2012 Update:

  • created and added 3d skybox
  • changed police car lighting
  • smoothed the pillars
  • garbage behind the police car can’t block you anymore
  • added curb
  • some other small changes and fixes

13.12.2012 Update:

  • some optical improvements
  • light improvements
  • rails can’t block you anymore
  • a few texture improvements












You can view more screenshots at steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=202938336

I hope you like to play my map.

If you got any improvement suggestions or found a bug, please let me know it.

Thanks for your attention! :smiley:

Looks nice, try messing with smoothing groups on the pillars though.

Thank you wazanator. I will change it soon.

Looks nice! I have yet to play on it but could it possibly work for Prop Hunt?

I don’t know. Never heard something about Prop Hunt before.

but need some more details in the skybox, perhaps add some of the skybox models used in vertigo afaik they would work from your angel as well,
and perhaps brighten up the sky light and set the pitch to -75 or something, so you get some nice shadows from the trees etc, still looks like the shadows on the second picture comes from the window beams (from the light on the inside) - which would not happen during daylight,
would be nice if you played around with the light_env directions to get some interior shadows in the big open lobby

Thanks invalidnick, I knew i forgot something. I will add more details to the skybox soon. :smiley:

The light inside is brighter than the light outside. That’s why it throws shadows to the outside. I don’t know if I change this, I have to test it first.

Looks like a good map ill test with bots and see if I like it.

wish this worked with gmod :confused:

@Judd: I never played gmod. But gmod is in the current Humble Bundle. I will install it and look if it’s possible that this map works with it. But it will need some time if it is possible. Because I have to do some other things first.


  • some optical improvements
  • light improvements
  • rails can’t block you anymore
  • a few texture improvements

oh no worries, it just looks like a beautiful map and if it could work with gmod (would probably have to be redone as I don’t think cs:go maps are compatible with gmod yet)

would be really nice to use for Murder or Prop Hunt