CS:GO cs_militia_return (WIP)

A Mappack who will be include remake a some popular maps of CS 1.6:





**cs_marble(mix of mansion and estate)

Thanks for doing 1.6’s version instead of Source’s.

Why did you make two threads?

One accidentally posted.

That tunnel still looks likt it is in 1.6, not csgo

Updated Skybox:
-Now more oldschoolish





nice cliffs in skybox but the near cliffs look awful

This would look 10 times better as CSS militia. Unless youre really good with displacements (Which it doesnt appear to be) than its just going to feel like a bad port of CS 1.6. Try adding some new interesting things to the map to make it more appealing too. And those palm trees dont belong in a desert area in Arizona/New Mexico.

Make it in afghanistan with a village and terraced farm.

I really like the skybox cliffs.

Unfinished kitchen/bar:


Also, just letting you know that you can actually get the old CS1.6 milita layout and cliffs from CSS Militias .vmf


hey nice

not trying to be negative but I don’t like when people remake maps, to many people spend time remaking a map and going Hey look at me! I remade this really old map! What I do want to see is new origenal maps, now if your using this to learn the new engine then that’s great, lets see what you can make after this!

I’m fine with it as long as you give it your own style, and detail. I prefer remakes of maps rather than direct ports.

I agree as well like the new revamped ver of CS:S to CS:GO maps.

Coming Soon:
New information.

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Assuming you ever get unbanned, I can make those cliffs way better and much more interesting. Just add me on steam or throw me a PM

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