[CS:GO] de_198X (WIP) - Help wanted with models!

**de_198X is a homage to the 80’s, taking inspiration from Bladerunner, Robocop, and generally the 80’s as a whole. **

I wanted it to have a satirical feel to it. Advertisements everywhere, a very police state vibe, and very cramped and urban environments with little to no plant life.




(Rain and some fog will be added afterwards)

Most of the map is done from a design point of view. The aesthetic and look is not however, and I’ve unfortunately had to use brushes for most objects since I have no idea how to model.

This is where someone tells me to go learn how to use Blender, but believe me I have.
Here is why I feel like asking for help:** Rather than doing it myself (which would probably result in inexperienced results that could be much better), I want to ask an already somewhat/very experienced person to work off concepts I have drawn (drawing is something I excel at unlike modeling).

Most of what you would be making is neon signs, possibly ones that are animated (flickering). If you feel really generous, I would love anything extra like a bladerunner inspired hover car, etc.
So what’s in it for you?:** There is a contest that GameBannana is running till June, where the top winner will receive 500. 2nd wins 350 and 3rd will receive 150, if I win anyone of these I will split the prize with whoever helps me.

I will only except one person to help, Splitting with more than one person would be completely pointless.

If you are interested: E-Mail me at rez45517@gmail.com, add me to your steam friend list via rez455rez, or just message me on FP.

I would really appreciate the help :slight_smile: