[CS:GO] de_brewery


I’ve been working on a map for a couple of weeks and would love to get your feedback!

STEAM link


Thanks in advance!

// Bolleten

I dunno, the lighting seems a little plain? It feels very consistently drab and dark, not very exciting imo

Thanks for the input.

I’ve gotten alot of feedback about the light, that it’s either dark or too flat.

In next iteration I’m gonna change the light and also make a 3D skybox. Hopefully that will make it better.

I don’t know how I feel about site B. Most good maps always have three ways into each site (which this has) but anyone with high FOV could theoretically hold down all entry points simultaneously.


Or a reverse situation where a couple of grenades would clear it out because it’s so cramped.

I don’t thinks fights at B would last very long.

I think there should be another entrance, to the east or north from the B site.