[CS:GO] - de_coldwater

Hello, everyone! I have just released my new CS:GO map de_coldwater, set in a German village. I am hoping to get some feedback on aesthetics and layout. Enjoy! Download from workshop.









It looks amazing!

Gotta try it out :v:

Looks like it could be quite an interesting competitive map.


Wow! This looks terrific for SFM videos as well! Any chance we could get an SFM version? I could help with the conversion/compiling if need be.

The 2nd Picture hugely reminds me of an DODS map, otherwise the layout and aesthetics look good!

Hah, reminded me of MOH:AA’s Crossroads;

But then again, german village etc.

The layout looks funky and map the map seems to big and is missing a mid to b connector of some sort

Map looks absolutely great! the only thing I can really complain about is a lack of detail outside the playable space and some of the roofs are a bit too thick. Also it is snowing, but there are no traces of snow anywhere.

Also B seems a little bit too CT sided as the terrorists have only one entry point. I’d give them a little bit of a height advantage as the CTs have time to settle in a good amount.


what is with these CSGO releases, all of them look so professional

Come to think of it; you could make a decal with multiple layers of snow and have a logic_auto change the textureindex every x minutes to add more snow… :x

Or remove the snow precipitation. Maybe replace it with light rain, seems to fit the atmosphere better.

Hey! It is not always dark and snowy in germany ;_;

That’s the alternative. No need to disagree with my post there ;o

Ambient occlusion does wonders. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you everybody for the comments, I really appreciate them.

I am absolutely open to the idea but for the moment I am working on improving the map’s gameplay for CS:GO. I will look into it later down the line to see if it is something we want to do.

Again, we have been getting feedback on the layout (and aesthetics) and are taking it all into consideration. Thank you and everyone else for your input.

Very neat.

We’ve updated the map today, significantly improving the layout and making some minor visual changes. Overall the map should now be easier for the terrorists. You can view the new layout here:


Again, thanks to everybody for their input. We are still planning on making updates so any comments are still appreciated!

Yeah, it was too easy for CTs… like Vertigo

This map looks amazing, and I like the way it’s laid out