(CS:GO) de_pollution Alpha

This is only the alpha, so it’s not finished yet. The lighting, textures and models are all placeholders. However, the map still functions properly. I’m posting the alpha version here to get some opinions on the gameplay of the map. If there are any gameplay changes that should be made, please let me know.

de_pollution takes place in a power plant that was recently caught leaking toxic waste into a local river, causing it to be temporarily shut down. The terrorists see this as the perfect opportunity to strike the vulnerable plant.



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Like I said before, this is not the release. It’s only the basic alpha. I would greatly appreciate some suggestions on the gameplay. What should I change? Right now I believe A site needs one more CT entrance, but I’m not sure where. B site seems to work really well the way it is. I’ve tested the map with my friends multiple times, and we’ve got the timing down almost perfect. The two teams meet each other near the bombsites and chokepoints at relatively the same time.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this.

de_pollution sounds wierd
You should come up with something else. de_powerjunk or something else that rolls off your tongue easier

Other than it looks interresting. That ramp on A looks out of place though, replace it with stairs

Yeah, I need to change the name to something a little more interesting. I just wanted to name it Pollution to get the general theme across.

I’ll probably add stairs to the ramp. I’ll have to see how it affects grenades, though.

what about de_waste?

Also, mid looks like it will be really problematic for CTs to defend if T’s pop a smoke or double flash it. they get pretty quick access to the ramp. I would also get rid of the catwalk since it looks like it would just get in the way and doesn’t serve a clear purpose.

You also really need to add cover alcoves into the tunnel connector to B, the ones similar to Prodigy would work well. It’s going to be a suicide hall for Ts currently.

I had a feeling mid needed to be worked on. The catwalk was going to lead to another connector, but I don’t think I need It any more.

I see what you mean about the sewer. It kind of just funnels them to their death if anyone else is there. Thanks for the advice.

If you really want a ramp on A, you could make stairs, and put a plywood wall or a sheet of metal on it

Exactly why I wanted to post in this thread; you beat me to it.
OP, if you don’t want to change the title completely, you could try de_pollute. To me pollute (as opposed to pollution) sounds more like it fits the CS map naming scheme. Just a feeling I’m getting but I could be wrong.

Link is dead.