CS:GO Detail Sprites issue

Hello there!
Im making a map for CS:GO and everything was going fine until now. Watching on valve developer community i saw that the correct way to create sprites is the shader UlitGeneric, but when i test the map im getting “fullbright” sprites:

Notice how shadows from world and models doesn`t affect detail sprites.

Here is the .vmt

Tired of trying things, i changed the shader to VertexlitGeneric and it looks fine when the sun is on my back.

Also dynamic shadows create some nice effects on sprites:

But when i directly look at the sprites in the direction of the sun they got darker, probably caused by real time shadows.

Here you can see how it looks rotating 90º the camera from the light direction:

Isn`t there a way to make the light pass trough the sprite for make it look similar in both ways?

Thanks in advice and sorry if i offended someone with my bad English, i`m from Spain.:v:

Detail Sprites just don’t work correctly in CS:GO. Sorry :<


I read that $vertexcolor causes some issues. Try deleting that line and see if anything changes.

Yeah i already removed that and still nothing…

Thanks for your reply.

UP please still need help

better way is create model of grass

Valve probably didn’t care about implementing this the right way, because they just don’t use it on official maps at all. Pr0 playarz couldn’t find their weapons in the grass anyway, and that could affect their super skillz.

In the new COOP map there are detailsprites apparently, so it should be supported now. (I’m aware this thread is very very old)