CS:GO env_entity_maker to parent template produced entity to player

Goal: Basically, I want a template to be spawned on the !activator when they enter a trigger volume. When they leave, I want it to go away, and for another to attach to them when they re-enter.

I have made a func_physbox, added it to a point_template, and have told an env_entity_maker to spawn that template.

I have a trigger_multiple that sets the player’s targetname to “parentPlayer” (the !activator of the trigger_multiple) when they enter the volume.

Then, I have it SetParent of the func_physbox that is produced by the template to “parentPlayer.” This then sets the SetParentAttachment to “forward,” which is a bone within the model centering the model around the !activator’s head.

Issue: I have it to “kill” the func_physbox that is attached to the !activator when they leave the volume. The issue with this is when they re-enter the volume, the func_physbox doesn’t re-appear at all. Is this an issue with the flags in the env_entity_maker?

In my point_template, I have the “Don’t remove template entities” checked, and “Preserve entity names (Don’t do name fixup)” unchecked.

The only thing checked in my env_entity_maker is “Forcespawn: Only if there’s room.”

Is this not creating another func_physbox for the !activator that left the volume because the original physbox was killed?