CS:GO - Func_brush template not working after first round?

I have a very odd problem.

I have created a template, to be spawned into the world, using env_entity_maker. The template contains two parts: a prop_dynmaic, and a func_brush (which is a player clip to prevent some weird collisions with the prop).

The point_template sets the template1 field to the prop_dynamic and the template2 field to the func brush.

On the first round, the func_brush and prop_dynamic are placed correctly around my map. However on the after the first round it does not work right. On each subsequent round the prop_dynamic is automatically cleaned up (removed from the map) and is remade by the env_entity_maker again, however the func_brushes are not cleaned up and also do not respawn.

I have absolutely no idea what is causing this, and have tried toggling some settings but have had absolutely no luck. Any insight here would be greatly appreciated.

func_brushes are persistent entities and cannot be templated. use func_wall_toggle instead.

I shall kiss you on the mouth. Thanks so much, I will try this as soon as I get home!

edit: Huh, I just checked on the wiki and it says func_wall_toggle was made obsolete by func_brush… that’s odd.

You can use func_physbox instead

that may have been Valve’s intention, but it’s only partially true in practice.

any changes you make to a func_brush will carry over to the next round. if you kill it, it stays killed. it is one of very few entities that have this property of persistence, which makes it incredibly useful when, for example, you want to “save” information about things that may have been triggered during the previous round.

this is not true of the entities it was meant to replace (mainly func_wall_toggle and func_illusionary). you can and should still use these when you don’t specifically need the capabilities of func_brush.