CS:GO Hisss-surf map

I know this subforum is mainly for help/helping/discussing mapping, but the rules didn’t say anything about showing off your map, so here I am.

I know that a lot people here will cringe at the thought of a Leafyishere fan map, but before you bring your katanas, knives, rifles, dildos.
Hear me out! some thought has been put into the map, and it’s not terrible. I want some feedback on the map, I wanna know what people think of it :slight_smile:
Steam workshop link

I beg to differ. My suggestion would be starting over and use some actual creativity.

I hope to god that it’s been made with being ironic in mind. I really hope it wasn’t serious.

This is what you call an unhealthy obsession. Best of luck growing out of it.

Youtube bait.

Map looks like boring. You should use “better” Hammer.

Use better hammer? I was under the assumption that all of hammer is basically a rock duct taped to drift wood.

With a “good” hammer, you can make a really beautiful things.

Please retexture and rerelease… something tells me that you made this map seriously…

theres no but about it. leafyishere is the worse possible thing you could have based a map on next to my little pony maps

nice map i think everyone on here really hates leafy is ur problem

I don’t like maps like func_detail is placed around.

I was really hoping for a surf map that was just a giant snake you surfed on