[CS:GO ]i need someone who can take screenshots with max settings


**Fun 16vs16 map featuring Man cannon prefab by Burnfingers!

You walk into them and get launched (the player takes no damage from the fall) Depending on how you angle yourself while entering the cannon you can get anything from a small bump to a massive launch that sends you flying all the way across the map.
It takes some skill/time to figure out how to use these to get the most air. Once you get the hang of it, you can strafe, attack from the air, or drop behind the other team. You do not have to jump or do anything special. Just walk or run into the cannons.

Click here if you want to see the cannon in action!

The map will be updated considering tips and suggestions by the users. Since i’m still a beginner and i want to make this map a lot more enjoyable and… pleasurable. **



For cs:s :