CS:GO Knife Map

Hello there.

I appreciate all help i can find here.

What i need to achieve is the following:

First off, What i wanna do i strip all weapons and disable buyzone. Only knife should be available.

Secondly, I can’t even join a team to begin with. It says both teams are full, but i have x16 of each spawn.

This is it for the moment…

Thanks in advance.

Map is just experimental, so if you wanna come out and say it looks ugly you might do it but it won’t be noted.
Besides i was thinking of adding a Stone Road between the 3 stairs! :slight_smile:

Says in top that there are **5 in each team. **

Spawns have to float at least 1 unit above ground.

Thank you, that makes alot of sense actually,

Do you happen to know anything about the “Strip” Weapon part too?

  1. game_player_equip
  2. vscript
  3. Numerous plug-ins