[CS:GO] Legacy

Fight in streets and courtyards as terrorists invade a Malta-inspired historic coastal city. Play as the Separatists – determined to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere, or the GIGN – dispatched to protect key cultural sites on the small Mediterranean island.

This is an update and re-release of my older map de_melite. I’m hoping to get more critiques with this, so of course feedback is welcomed! Enjoy!







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I’m not a csgo player so I can’t comment on the gameplay, but the map looks beautiful. You did a great job with the architecture while keeping it from becoming too cluttered. I also love how you have areas with more complext layouts such as the spawns. All in all, its a gorgeous map.

Does it have nav grid? looks like its worth loading cs:go for

Thanks everybody! The map does include a fully generated nav mesh, which I then improved by hand.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was chosen for a new operation. This is some sweet work. Good job!