CS:GO lighting problems

So I’m not sure how to get rid of these black squares and such, it was a fast compile, not sure if that has anything to do with it.





Not sure what the pink/purple is on the vent lights that are red? Any help would be nice, thanks.





Also not sure how this happened with the texture and shadows/lighting.


Do you have a toggleable light anywhere in those rooms? Toggled lights completely destroy CS:GO’s lighting for some reason.

It tend to happen because of the light appearance, which should be changed to “Normal” in order to cause no probs

Make sure none of your lights have a name.

No! Give all your lights stupid names.

Yeah it’s probably that you’ve got a flickering light or something similar, CSGO just HATES that.


Yeah, I removed all names from lights already, after compiling I noticed the appearances were 32? for some reason, set them to normal and about to compile again.

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Most of it was fixed, I’m now wondering how to make get rid of these ugly yellow spots, and the shadow stopping where the texture/brushes split.








It likely means your lightmap grid isn’t aligned seamlessly. Use alt+rmb when texturing to make it seamless. You can look at the grid by selecting “3d lightmap grid” in your 3d viewport.

Well they seem aligned seamlessly… I always align textures with alt+rmb so each have already been done like that.



Your lightmap scale is quite large- try 16 and the cut-off should be less noticable. You could perhaps upload the vmf file for us to mess around with, I’d certainly give it a go.

This is the same exact map Hellsgamers uses for their CS:S Jailbreak.
If you de-compiled it and are trying to convert it for the CS:GO version of the engine you’re probably going to have problems like that.

I actually took over dev for it, trying to fix problems the last person did not. I’ll change the lightmap scale tomorrow and recompile, if it doesn’t work I’ll upload the .vmf.

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All fixed, thanks for the help everyone.

It’s actually a pretty popular Jailbreak map (it’s called Razor or something); there’s various versions and VMFs of it everywhere.

It’s a remake of electric_razor that Kosire made for HG a while ago that’s been updated by other staff members we have.

Oh, okay. It’s just that I’ve seen a crapton of different “updated” versions of it everywhere, with most Jailbreak communities having one of their own.

Sorry, what does alt+rmb actually do? Is it recommended to use this on everything?

It basically wraps the texture around faces (like on a cylinder). There’s a brief description of it here. It’s very, very useful and should be used almost all the time.

compile VRAD with -final
This usually eliminates weird lighting issues like these.

Thanks, It seems to work well on walls, but not so much for ceiling textures?