CS:GO Like weapon recoil?

Can anyone either link me to a swep pack that simulates the recoil in csgo or link me to a weapon base that can? I’ve looked at a few and none are close to csgo. I don’t mind coding a bit myself but I only know enough lua to edit existing weapon bases.

The closest thing you will get is CSS recoil.


I ported all the CSS weapons a few years ago, but good luck detaching it from all the spaghetti code.

Pfft, you can’t make CSGO weapon recoil in source are you mad? Pffft, I mean you could make a spree pattern but you could mess about with the cone and the strength of the recoil.

Personally I never thought it be hard to actually implement how the cs weapons work. It is pretty straight forward what you need to do. I actually started working on a base to bring them into gmod but I never finished it because I got side tracked and also that kind of gun gameplay doesn’t work well for certain gamemodes. Although it be hilarious to see someone in darkrp trying to run and gun with it.

You can look at https://github.com/wiox/gmod-csweapons too

I’m downloading these now, it’s 136 MB and my Internet isn’t the best.

I can’t believe the amount of stupidity in what I just read. Literally anything is possible in GLua… anything

It doesn’t work in single player.

Ehhh Let me correct that for you. GMod can do a lot of things but it does have some limitations. Plus GLua isn’t like this godlike thing. Sometimes when you want to improve ,say the physics in gmod, you need to code your own module for that. So yes you can do a TON of mods in gmod but you have to go about it in different ways.