[CS:GO Map] de_rock

CS:GO de_rock
Game Types: Classic (defusal), Deathmatch

Steam Workshop: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=218182882

Gamebanana: http://csgo.gamebanana.com/maps/178662

New Update! (24.01.2014)

Hi, I just released my second cs:go map “de_rock”.

I created own textures for it to give it an unique look.
It would be cool to hear how do you like my map. :slight_smile:









Thanks for your attention! :smiley:

I see that alot of work has gone into this with textures/design and overall “integrity” of the style.

I have to ask though, why does it seem to “blotchy”. It looks like its been painted in water colour causing dark patches.What is that?

Looks interesting. Bigger images would be nice though.

@mdeceiver79: I made it blotchy because I thought it would looks more natural. Those textures should looks like big tiles made of rocks. And rocks doesn’t have consistently the same brightness.

@Jukka K: You can make the screenshots bigger by clicking on it at Steam Workshop. Or just play it . :smiley:

Smooth those displacements and you forgot some fire

Honestly, get rid of the blotchyness. It reminds me of when you try to use flickiring lights in CS:GO.

Also, it doesn’t look natural. Natural light is smooth, not blotchy.

Also also, stick some sprites on the light sources such as lamps and torches and whatnot.

@onebit: Thanks for your advices I changed it. :smiley:
@samuel2213: Thank you for your tip with the sprites.

I just released a new update with some improvements.

another great release ;_;

I have yet to see a bad CS:GO release here