CS:GO map - not sure how to rework my design

Copy pasted from the mapping questions thread because it’s being ignored and probably to be buried. I guess it might not even really fall within the bounds of that thread, whatever

I’ve been working on a CS:GO map and the layout is almost perfected - playtests are great and people enjoy the map. The biggest balance issue that I’ve been putting off is that mid, however, is too damn short. This picture is the WIP restructuring of the map - I’ve removed most of the features of mid and finished the bombsites - but I still have no idea what to do at all for mid. How can I extend it without messing up the great balance between sites? I was thinking artificial lengthening, like using heavy verticality or obstacles (eg. cars) to make it take longer to traverse, but I dunno…

Keep in mind that any ridiculous shit (eg. the lack of stuff on mid, holes in geometry) are because I’m trying to figure out what I should do NOW while I finish the easy work. I had to move the bottom site (A, which is underground) because the Ts got to it too quickly, which is why it looks hella weird next to T spawn with nothing there, that’s the route to A which I’m reforming. before I stretched it out to make the walk longer, but a T could still easily bumrush it thanks to a connector to mid - this will alleviate that problem.

TL;DR How can I make mid longer on this map without fucking up the rest of the map?

(I know it’s got a box skybox and no nodraw but it’s literally brushes, dev textures, and a handful of props and runs fine for playtests - I can’t stand unoptimized shit and it will be fixed as soon as the map is nailed down layoutwise)

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More recent overview of the map - really, it’s ready to go aside from mid.

I might be reading poorly, but I can’t see the routes, spawns and sites too clearly. could you sketch over the screenshot in paint or something at all to outline the layout a bit more?

I agree, i see a whole lot of orange.

Sorry, I’m a retard.

The map works well even if it looks like shit from above. I’ve pushed out another playtest that is mid, but wider slightly - I’ve got no idea if it’ll play well, and I still want to look into better ways to lengthen mid. I don’t want to upset the balance between the sites, though.

I’d recommend elongating the whole map and adding a few new corridors/pathways around B/A to fill the gap, unless you just move T spawn to the left and CT spawn to the right. The map looks pretty small, perhaps it’s worth just cutting it in two and designing something to bridge the two new halves

Elongating the whole map would fuck with the good balance I had gotten with the sites - people have told me they don’t want anything to change AT ALL but mid (which is retarded and difficult but people who don’t map don’t know that v:v:v) and I would really rather not have something like Nuke where you walk for 8 seconds. It’s pretty fucking shit design imo.

I’ll follow your suggestions if I have to, but I’m going to see how this playtest works out and come back with a follow up.

Maybe expand vertically, or make it so that the pathway along mid ‘winds’ to give an illusion of being longer, but not so closed to the point where it becomes a winding corridor. I’m not 100% sure how you’d do that. Alternatively, make the map larger while maintaining the ratio of distances between each location to keep players happy. If it fucked up, I’d keep playtesting until you reach a new and improved version of the balance that they enjoyed.

I’d say focus on the positive feedback they gave you and retain the parts of the layout that the players enjoyed the most, while enlarging the whole map to accommodate for a longer mid lane

Thanks for the help man. Again, I’ll wait and see until after our next playtest