Cs:go mapping after long pause

I stopped mapping years ago and learning everything new from the begining.
So i decided to begin small map with a new mapping techique for me ( first blocking out + playtesting and then detailing the map)…

  • what you think about it?
  • what improvements i can make?
  • what is a good mapping technique to start with a bigger and not side equal map?

The map looks good, what I can suggest by looking at the screenshots is to maybe turn the ground/walls into displacements and give them some small noise. It looks really flat and blocky. Other than that I like the design.

Okay thanks, i also played with that idea but the noise can make the map unfair maybe i dont know

Well it’s good start, now you can start detailing it :v: That last screen looks preety empty.

About making CSGO maps check this out, cool stuff, I learned tons from this:

making de_sparity

okay i agree. i need more details, hope that works with decals and not with more brushworkin. dont want to destroy the visibility of that map ‘‘more’’