CS:GO Mapping - env_fog_controller?


For some reason, env_fog_controller doesn’t seem to do anything when making CS:GO maps. Was the functionality removed for the game? How do I create fog?

did you set fog enable to yes? :3

Yes :L


Don’t bump your threads, especially not after a day. If you want to bump, post some more information.

What other info am I supposed to post?

I placed an env_fog_controller in my map, set it to enabled, and It doesn’t show any fog. I played around with all the settings.

Have you tried naming it and then messing with it via “ent_fire” commands in-game?

Last time i checked, you need a fog_volume brush with the fog_volume texture for it to work. And maybe a color_correction entity.

Tried the fog_volume brush but it just showed alot of black fog. I changed the color but it didn’t seem to do anything. Haven’t tried the color_correction entity yet.

dude what no

colour correction barely relate to fog

it’s required to work in L4D2 so that’s what i know.

Mine works, did you try setting the master flag?