CS:GO Maps -> 3ds Max

Hello everyone, title says it all, so is there any new software like crafty or trick to open CS:GO maps with it ?
Because 3D Ripper DX does not export everything correctly ( texture bugs, mesh bugs - loading very long , model bugs and getting right fov is hard even i know it ).

You could use BSPSource to decompile the map. The main website for it is down so I don’t know if this version supports CS:GO.

After that you could load up the map with Wall Worm’s modelling tools in 3ds MAX.

Decompiling a map doesn’t recreate every entity, and brush work is not entirely accurate to the original VMF, so hopefully you’re just planning to explore it or something. I’m also not experienced with Wall Worm’s stuff or 3ds MAX, so you’re on your own as far as that stuff goes.