CS:GO MAPS: de_supply (v1.5.2); aim_courtyard (v1.2)

Hey guys! I’m a new map maker for CS:GO and I’d love if you tried out my new maps that I made recently. Both are still in early (basic) versions and they NEED feedback from others. So, if you have some spare time, could you check them out, please? :slight_smile: (and sorry for self advertising, there just isn’t any way to really get noticed on the workshop, plus I thought you might like the free content I give you :slight_smile: )
de_supply - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=487172748
aim_courtyard - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=483705119

You are free to use my map on your servers if you wish, but DO NOT:
Claim it as your own;
Edit it and then claim it as your own;
Post it on other sites without my permission;
Earn revenue/any form of payment/donations from it!

Links go nowhere. Please post the images on your thread.

Links fixed! :smiley: Didn’t notice that :smiley: Pics on the workshop page. :slight_smile:

First things first:
Always try to base your lights off a source. Try to add variance to the lights. Do NOT go around and spam the default “light” entity all over the place. Sure, this is better than mat_fullbright, but this is so incredibly sloppy its like why did you bother releasing this map?

in De_supply, the light seems just so bright and doesn’t have enough atmospheric feeling to it. No fog or bloom effect. Just a really bright sun.


This image right here, we’ll focus on this for the interim.
What is wrong?

It seems you use 1 wall texture on the exterior. Mix it up.
That ledge, the bricks are not lined up correctly with the other bricks. Rotate 90 degrees.
Stretched wood texture. Either find a new one, thin out the brush. Dont stretch it too far, otherwise the texture looks like ass.

Brush/Geometric Detail is severely lacking. Your walls are too thick, your walls are too high. The model of the windows is the same, and spaced evenly. This doesn’t make your map look better, it makes it look sloppy.

Models are just spewed everywhere. No apparent reason why theres barrels or boxes there, no this isn’t artistic. Give them a reason to be there instead of just spamming shit everywhere.

For the dusty ground, try using displacements where you can. No, don’t be making mountains. Just add some sort of feeling that the sand has been shifted by the wind. Maybe add small mounds near the walls or something… give the atmosphere some feeling.

For the aim map, i really have nothing to say. There is really nothing to say. Its an AIM map. Its basic in design, the atmosphere is basic. The gameplay is basic… the map really holds it to that.

Well, thanks for the feedback, let me just add/comment on your words. :slight_smile:

  1. I did not spam the “light” entity, I just didn’t add the props for the lights yet, so yeah, atm they look like just full bright rooms (added proper light props in v1.7). And for the variation? - I don’t like the directional light entity, so I guess I’m stuck with the normal one for now. Fog is considered, but I’m not too familirar with it’s mechanics, so I may add them a bit later. And why did I bother to release it?? For feedback. I did not in any shape or form say, that THIS is the final product; I said, that it’s in WIP and that I need someone else, other than myself, to playtest them.

  2. Yeah, I did kind of use just 1 texture for the outside (well, two textures; they both are almost identical, though). I’m a gameplay>aesthetics kind of guy, especially since the map is in beta. Later on I will add some wall props/decals (pipes, displacement etc), but I’ll have to find someone to assist me with the overall aesthetics, I’m not an artistic kind of person.

  3. Ledge- fixed! :slight_smile:

  4. Well, it doesn’t look THAT bad :smiley: , but you’re right; I’m going to try to modify the plywood texture.

  5. Again, atm, I don’t pay attention to detail (I don’t want to and I can’t). The walls?- I don’t know, the thickness seems about realistic, about 30-40 centimeters for an apartament house seems kind of right.

  6. Hight?- Maybe, I raised ALL of the walls, just so I wouldn’t have to detail the 3D skybox, and besides; they are sort of 2-3 story apartament buildings, so, again, seems about realistic. The only thing I will do is variate the height of each building slightly, since all of them are at the same height atm.

  7. Windows?- Again; an apartament building. Irl, they all are spaced out evenly too (mostly) and that does not mean it was sloppy, as a matter of fact, it means, that the entity placing was accurate. And, since I will add “detail” (as much as I can), they wont look so stale.

  8. The props do have a reason. If you’d read the lore I wrote at the workshop page, you’d see that the boxes at A site are weapons, food and water, but on B site, It’s all fuel. The rest is for gameplay purposes and cover, so that it wouldn’t be an open field.

  9. There are ground displacements, just not that large or gameplay changing, since I don’t want to give the player that stupid “bobbing” effect. The amplitude is about 5 units, so yeah, like I said- not that noticable. But I might add more visible displacements in the corners somewhere, so that it wouldn’t affect the actual gameplay.

  10. The aim map is what you said it is- an aim map. I’m kind of surprised, that you didn’t mention ANYTHING about the “light_enviornement” being at 90 degrees, making it look so dark. I just haven’t updated it for a long time.

But, again, thank you for your feedback! Will take notice on the problems you mentioned and were valid changes, that won’t affect the gameplay. It’s kind of sad to see people mostly only see the “looks” of maps theese days, and not rate them for the gameplay. I’d leave the map just withe the orange and grey developer textures and cubes for entity models, but alas, that is not the case :frowning: .