CS:GO - Need a little help porting

Okay. So, I’m trying to port a CS:GO weapon to GMod. Now, the weapon doesn’t work, it says that it needs to be recompiled, so what did I do, logically? Decompile it and recompile it. Now, that sort-of worked, the weapon shows up sort-of now, but the sequences are still broken. What am I doing wrong? Also, let me clarify; when I saw “showing up” I mean that the stock of the weapon is just barely showing on-screen whenever I have it out. What should I change to fix this for older Source Engine versions? Do I need to change IDST0 in the .mdl file to IDST? What options with Crowbar should I be using to decompile/recompile for CS: GO models? Just so you know, to recompile the model, I used Source SDK Base 2013’s studiomdl.exe file. Any help is appreciated!

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Crowbar just cant decompile animations yet. Use cannonfodder’s decompiler for that.