Hi Guys,

I was just wondering if anyone has created or could possibly create a few cs:go maps with partially transparent walls like they done for 1.6 maps for training purposes!

Many Thanks


Do you mean like normal maps (de_dust2, etc) but with the walls transparent?

yes wazanator, dust2, nuke, cache, inferno etc … the main played maps in league! any ideas?

I get what you’re saying but if every wall is transparent then that makes playing it a shit ton harder…

PARTIALLY transparent.

Who shit in your cereal? Even if its partially transparent, anything over 40% alpha will likely make it look shit and harder to play.

If you want the answer I was going to include in my previous post, decompile the map file and just add the transparency to whatever walls you see fit. I don’t think anyone will want to take on this job for the sheer fact that the person doing the mapping won’t know what walls you want transparent.

He wants them for training, not actual competitive playing. Calm down.

I think you missed my point, regardless of how he wants to play it its going to be hard for anyone to do it other than him. I’d do it if there were some direct instructions of what should be transparent.

You can use console commands to achieve a similar effect.

From the main menu:

  1. Open the console

  2. Type sv_cheats 1

  3. map mapnamehere

  4. wait for map to load

  5. In console type r_portalsopenall 1 and mat_wireframe 1

This will give you a wireframe view of the entire map.

WARNING: This makes everything in the map render so you might want to lower your settings.

What do you mean “who shit in your cereal”. He wasn’t being hostile / pissed off or anything fuck.

Partially all in caps seems pretty shout like to me. Anyways I’m done with this thread, I try to offer my input and support and all I get is negativity.

Youre getting negativity because your input is not constructive and your attitude is combative. Additionally, it seems that you are intentionally trying to not understand the specifics of what the OP is asking for.

Even if you did not play 1.6 ‘back in the day’, the OP made it obvious that he was talking about something that already existed in counter strike and even existed on the maps that we are still playing today in cs:go.
Since you apparently are not familiar with the specifics of how these maps worked, maybe you shouldn’t be contributing input on how to port this concept to new maps.

not sure how you would do the transparency, but the example content for the CSGO SDK comes with .vmfs for dust2, office, aztec, inferno, nuke and train

that could be a good starting point?


That probably isn’t going to work. Those maps heavily optimized with Areaportals and whatnot, making it so whatever is behind the wall not draw unless the player can actually see that area.

This helps optimization and also prevents a shit ton of wall hacking methods via making all the textures transparent.

Imo. Private server. Bots. Play. Have fun.

Learn the map in and out yourself, Study its flow and come up with tactics yourself, Watch bots fight with the aerial overviews. It’s the proper way to learn a map.

get wallhacks man

lol this guy