[CS:GO] Re-release of Import

Hey guys, I forgot to post this here, so enjoy!

Import was created earlier this year by the same people who made the map recently added into CSGO via Operation Breakout, Black Gold. Import is a defuse map, themed around a shipping yard where various goods are imported and exported, allowing for a nice mix of close range combat to full blown outside long range battles. These past few months Horse and I have spent time re-polishing Import in all ways we can, from everything we learned with the release of Black Gold. With brand new art assets and a new layout that flows better and plays better, we hope Import will be a fun and competitive CSGO level to play.


Comparisons to R1 to R2

Pretty much every prop floats

Faces could use same cubemap

outstanding work, i really like the yellow color palette!

Thanks for pointing that out, I dont know how we had so many props get away with floating like that. Ill be sure to have that fixed in an upcoming patch.