[cs:go] rush - welcome to the jungle!

hi there!
just released my latest map, cs_rush, and I would love to hear what you guys think about it!
you can find it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=219295593&searchtext=

and here are some images, enjoy!








oh hey, I remember this. Needs a 3D skybox and more trees in the backdrop.

You can go outside the map by jumping onto this roof
This mattress is everywhere
Bottles go closer to the wall maybe
Smoother displacements makes it prettier imo
The slant is too slanted which ruins gameplay flow, so you should probably playerclip it smoother
Same with this, but it’s imo
Ropes go through the hole I assume
The player can still stand on this edge

Aside from a few very minor details, that are not a huge problem. This map looks amazing! It looks like it’s from crisis. Really well done! You have some real talent there buddy.

thanks for the feedback!
especially you onebit! these are all things that I’ve missed! I’ve have had it up for friends to test…as well as running around my self, and I thought I had everything fixed!

Gives some of the best feedback a mapper could ask for. Gets 3 boxes.

Okay Facepunch.

thanks again for this report!
fixing it all - except the wires, started doing it…then I wanted to kill myself heh,
also I’ve clipped everything near the Truck-location, was running around there without getting stuck, but i guess the visual sharp edge will keep players away since it “looks” like it would be a collision nightmare…

also, does anyone know how to get occluders to work in cs:go? I have them in the map but they don’t seem to occlude, cant even toggle them on/off :frowning:

…not looking forward to hand tweak every static instance to gain performance D:


thanks, updated…

occluders now also works, drawcalls decreased 20-80% near middle