CS:GO Seal Team Reskin

Can anyone reskin these old CS:GO ST6 Models to make them look like the current CS:GO ST6 Models?

Old ones which are ported and included with link

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fefyy6bn595f4xc/CSGO+CT+Models.rar

(I would like the old ST6 Guys to have Black Vests and Black Helmets like the Current guys)

Is anyone up for this? Just checking.

I Might, Explain Better???

Make these guys:

Look like those Guys:

Basically make the Green guys have Black Vests and Black Helmets.

Besides the black vests and helmets, what’s the difference?

Not much really, but the real current CS:GO Models look better than the old ported ones. But the current guys have weird arms.

All of them? Maybe, I’ll start extracting the models right now, i might do it for you, it’ll take some time though