CS:GO Skins





Constructive criticism is more than welcome! and if you like them can you also please rate & comment ?

Not too bad, for how long have you been making CS:GO skins?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Started on 12 Apr but just made some skins with “Different Clouds”

The official thing so to say started on 14Apr with my Gold P250 . The last skin(Glock-18 | Lambda) took me about 1h max ,not sure if that’s a good or bad thing :smiley: and how fast others work.

The Glock Lambda looks really good, but the Lambda sign needs to be mirrored because you placed it wrong.

It might look like that because of the angles I took the photos but I recall they are on the exact same spot just that i changed the lamba direction on the side so they’d both be like this

-> -> not -> <-

I don’t really get your point


Angles have nothing to do with this, the logo is mirrored incorrectly. So if you changed it on both sides, then both of your lambdas are incorrect, which is even worse.


That is the correct logo. Trying to point the logo in the direction of fire just looks bad, if that’s what you were trying to accomplish.


This is the correct thread.

Yeah that’s what I meant , didn’t know how to exactly explain, I can invert them though and sorry for posting in the wrong section .