[CS:GO] Southern France

One of the projects I’ve recently been putting quite some hours in is this one. I’m recreating the deathmatch map ‘Southern France’ (or mohdm1) from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Currently done with the inital brushwork and finally felt confident enough to show some people.

Note; Zero effort has been put into lighting and textures yet; only the rough brushwork is done.

Eyecandy if I may say so:

Now the huge task of texturing, lighting and detailing lies before me…

I recognized this map without even reading the OP’s text, I really want to see the finished product.

looks beautiful!

Nice work there! Keep going.

Looks promising! Don’t abandon the project for our sakes!

I most certainly wont, working on it nearly daily!

Nice, reminds me of Italy!

Looking forward to it getting finished.

This was by far the best MOH:AA map… finish this!

Currently at the global game jam so not very productive this weekend :wink: Aim is to have it done in 2-3 weeks.

Ahh the nostalgia!
(Will players be able glitch our way onto the roof? as per the original? :wink: )