CS:GO Stuck in Team Select Picture

In my map (with no custom props/weapons or anything), I compile it and the map runs fine. When I select my team, the Terrorist holding the gun picture comes up, but doesnt go away. I cant even hit Escape, or any other buttons.

There are no errors in compile log.

I think the process to fix is something like:

Open console

and then press M and select CT.

I don’t exactly remember, Wazanator posted the answer 340 times so you might want to look up some of his posts if this isn’t the exact method.

mp_restartgame 1 works fine.

But this basically means you don’t have enough spawns.

ill try this, but I have over 30 Terrorist spawns in the map

They are probably too close to the floor as they are when you simply click them there with the point entity tool. Raise them a bit and it’ll probably solve your issue.