Cs:Go Technical and car shell?

I was wondering if these cs:go cars can be extracted or decompiled and recompiled for the garrysmod source engine?



if decompiling is the case can would someone do this for me. The Technical truck is on De_dust and the car is on Cs_assualt much appreciated.

i would love to see one of those technicals

I’ve decompiled a humvee model, now I need to wait for 3DS Max to install so I can see if it’s the correct one. I’ve also got the texture, but it doesn’t look quite right. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Fancy, but not the right model.

AH HA, I GOT IT! Now to recompile it for Garry’s Mod.

Well what do you know? It didn’t even require any recompiling or making any modifications!

So I’m not sure I can legally release the models, but I could write up a tutorial on how to get it.

The textures probably needs a huge facelift.

Sadly that’s something I can’t do, those are the original texture files.