CS:GO to CS:S lighting/shadows bug.

Hello, first of all If I did anything wrong tell me, okay so now to the problem - I’ve started experimenting with porting CSGO maps into CSS and I need help with this bug.

This is the original CSGO map

and this is the ported map in CSS

As you can see, the lighting/shadows are badly rendered (on the baggage handler and metal ground), can I fix this or not? Is it maybe because CSGO has dynamic lighting unlike CSS?

Using DirectX 9 and shadows are on High.

Didn’t post compile log because I don’t feel like compiling it for 1 hour again but if it’s really needed tell me and I’ll recompile it again, compiled it with VBCT using the “Full” setting.

you could fiddle with the lightmaps: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Lightmap

but likely what you’re seeing is just what you’ll get in CSS…it looks pretty typical of Source lighting.

edit: whoops, misread.

Have you tried -staticproppolys and the similar commands for accurate lighting on static props?

CSS has a few big differences when compared to CS:GO, the biggest change is the lighting system, the dynamic shadows on the far wall cannot be replicated, the only thing that you can do is decrease the lightmap scale on the affected brush (you can do this in the texture tool).

All the props in the map are using origin-based vertex lighting, which is the default for static props. You need to use -staticproplighting to bake lighting information per vertex.

So I compiled it with -staticproppolys and this is the result

I also tried it with -staticproplighting but it seems to crash everytime the game tries to load the map, the compiler log says nothing though.

I don’t know if I am happy with the result, it fixed the problem, but the lighting/shadows isn’t same like in CSGO, is it because again the older Source engine doesn’t support CSGO’s shadows? Is there a way to make it look more like CSGO?

Thank you guys for helping me out by the way.

That’s what they said, you really can’t get it much better as that version of source runs on an older engine.

Alright, I guess I’ll consider it fixed, thank you very much guys for helping me out, I don’t really know if I can delete this thread since I’m not on FacePunch that much so admin can delete/lock this thread.