[CS:GO] - $treesway = trees moving

Hi, how can we disable this while compiling a map ?
Cause when the map is not HDR the trees didn’t move but HDR yes.

Try to find a way no succes :frowning:

HDR is always on in CS:GO.

?? HDR always on ? since when ? You can choose if you want HDR or not on your map…
What I want is a way to disable $treesway

PS : http://mywiki.wooledge.org/XyProblem

Whats with the link? And you need HDR in order to have the directional light work correctly.

You can unpack all trees models with materials (GCFScape), change “$treesway” to “0” and directories in .vmt files and pack them to .bsp map file (Pakrat). But… why? I don’t know.

Why is this a problem? What do you REALLY want?

PS : XyProblem - Greg's Wiki

Shove an env_wind down and set wind speed to zero.

Ok to be Clear $treesway is in .vmt It allow trees animating… What’s means? Lot of ressource used. I made lot of test and you can see your fps going down with this option.

But I saw when I compile LDR nothing move, with HDR they are moving, so something somewhere, we can disable this option.

@Mamorex I was thinking about that in last resort.
@Stiffy360 already tried env_wind should normaly stop it “$treeswayhighwindmultiplier” but no.

@Shirky Really? I’m asking something else, you bring me an answer I know since I’m borned.

If you turn down shader detail in your video settings to medium or low it should stop the tree sway

Not already try all on low settings, anyway want to disable directly before compiling.

So you only want it disabled in your map? I don’t think that’s possible unless you pack all the materials/models that are affected into the map after you remove the feature from them.
Also, I doubt that tree sway has any performance impact unless your playing on a potato.

Yes, there are an impact for jungle map, lot of trees so best solution make a new .vmt

Yes, that would be all you could really do